1. What is the BFCH?

The BFCH is the BeFasterHolderCoin. All holders of the BFCH have the right to participate in the success of BeFaster. 50% of the partial profits of the company are distributed to the BFCH holders. The more BFCH you have, the higher your payout. This is recorded in the blockchain and can be tracked in the wallet.

 The BFCH is ONLY the investor token. NOT the InApp token.

 The number of BFCH is limited. BFCHs are not minted.

 BFCH holders receive special discounts and offers and exclusive VIP functions in the DApp.

2. How do I make money with BFCH?

BFCH holder earn money in 3 ways:

  1. increasing earnings/profits from BeFaster and therefore increasing distributions
  2. thus increasing the value of the tradable BFCH
  3. distribution is made in crypto currency
3. In which profits do I participate?

 The company profits are distributed partial at a rate of 50% to BFCH holders. Fiat income, as well as any profits from cryptographic currency trading, are considered profits of BeFaster. The partial profit to be distributed is booked nominally and converted into crypto-currency.  It is then distributed quarterly to all BFCH holders.

4. What generates revenue?

 BeFaster’s income is generated by InAPP purchases, such as the sale of skins, numerous training plans, add-ons, etc. Also from the sale of gadgets and merchandising items.

Advertising revenue and BePartner fees are also a significant source of income.

 You earn indirectly with every sale.

5. What is the basis of calculation for sales?

 The sales and profits shown in the video are based on a LINEAR calculation of user numbers in relation to statistical purchasing behavior.

 Number of users     x      average expenditure     =   turnover.

 Advertising revenues and affiliate fees are NOT included in this calculation.



6. How can 100 million BeUsers be reached?

BeFaster is unique or do you know of an app that allows you to pay for your sports shoes by running?

 To the facts: There is an internal recommendation link structure within the Challenges.

 Immediately after the release BeFaster will be integrated into the Samsung Galaxy App Store and promoted independently to Samsung users.

 An integration into the App Stores of other major brands will of course be implemented at short notice.

7. How do I purchase the BFCH?

Buy BFCH with crypto and fiat currency (credit card)!

 Buy with BTC & ETH & TRX & Credit Card.

If you buy on Indacoin by credit card, you will receive the BFCH immediately.

If you buy through the Latoken Exchange, you will receive the BFCH – IEO which will be transferred to your exchange internal wallet. After the private sale, all investors automatically receive the real BFCH on the same wallet. We recommend all investors to set up a Tron Wallet outside the Exchange.


 Buy now and get your BFCH Bonus.

8. What is the relationship between my investment and the partial participation right?

There is a total of 300 million BFCH. Depending on how many percent you hold of the BFCH, the distribution of your profit participation right will be transferred to your BFCH – wallet in the same proportion.

9. When is the distribution made?

The distribution is automatically made quarterly; on 15.01; 15.04, 15.7 and 15.10.

The first distribution after the release takes place after 3 full months. Thereafter, each time according to this cycle. A separate application is not necessary.

10. How is the distribution made?

The distribution is blockchain based. The blockchain recognizes where the BFCH is located and distributes a percentage of the personal amount. The default setting is a distribution in crypto currency. However, BFCH holders can choose to receive a payout in a different cryptocurrency, depending on the jurisdiction.

11. Do I have to have a Wallet? Which one?

Yes! A distribution of the BFCH to a regular bank account is excluded. Every investor must have a wallet. The Exchange transfers the BFCH to the exchange-internal wallet after the private sale has expired. Recommendation: Never leave your tokens on an Exchange for long periods of time. For the transfer of the BFCH, you need a Tron Wallet.

12. What are the risks?

The main risk is that the application will not be accepted as quickly as expected by the runners of this world and that the number of users will not increase as quickly. However, a strong online and market presence by involving global players is the solution. There are general risks, such as loss of private key access to the wallet. In this case BeFaster cannot be held responsible for the loss.