BeFaster Team

Irina Manilitsch
Co- Founder, CEO
Team member
Fully qualified lawyer
Financial consultant since 2012
Project management since 2008
Maximilian Jurtz
Co- Founder, CEO
Team member
Financial planer and consultant since 2004
Corporate manager
Long experience as team leader
Frank Schulze
Co- Founder, CEO
Team member
Financial consultant since 2001
Tron - Europe project manager
Organization of blockchain implementations
Jonas Benkert
Art Director Content & Marketing
Team member
Photography and video production
for international brands since 2011
Advertising manager
Tim Ziola
Art Director Graphic & Branding
Team member
Development of Corporate Identity
and Corporate Design for international
companies since 2009
Nicole Preda
Web designer
Team member
Web Designer
Webmarketing manager since 2005
Tron Europe community manager